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Creation room for musicians and artists

Panoramic photo of Colorsound Recording Studio's main recording room and some of the gear.  Colorsound is located in the Kansas City metro area.

Colorsound recording studio was completed in 2012 as a creation room for musicians and artists everywhere, including accommodations for travelers. We specialize in recording music but can also perform voice over work, audio conversions and full mixing and mastering services. We can record up to 48 tracks at a time and 48 tracks full analog at mix-down. Our 20 x 30 live room with a 20’ ceiling is great for huge drum and guitar sounds, recording large groups and the size eliminates the cramped experience common in most studios.


Our live room is large enough to handle choirs, large bands or small orchestras. Several smaller isolation rooms allow separating noisy amplifiers to allow musicians to work in the same room while still isolating each instrument. The mixing room was tuned to allow full mastering services in house including reference grade amplifiers and speakers. We maintain a selection of the best analog and digital equipment including Pro Tools, Digital Performer and are looking to add analog tape within the year.


The environment is relaxed and can be easily adjusted for any client with DMX controlled color lighting to change the color of the room. A full bathroom with shower and second half bath with vanity allow clients to spend the night, weekend, or as long as they need or want to work on a project. Hotels are as close as 5 minutes or a tour bus can be sourced if luxury is desired. Artists are also welcome to stay at the studio. Food can be catered and brought in, or cooked on the grill.  Just steps outside the studio are free-range chickens, and a 500-square foot organic garden to help with meal planning.  We also have wigs, disco lights, a fog machine, and inflatable Scooby-doo.


Matt Ristrom built Colorsound recording studio using 80-90% reused, recycled, or salvaged material to create a comfortable recording environment, while also being environmentally responsible.

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