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At Colorsound we have over 40 microphones including Shure, Rode, MXL, Audix, and Superlux  and plenty of effects and outboard gear by Meek, Focusrite, DBX, Aphex, Yamaha, TC Electronics, Digitech, etc.


We have specialty outboard preamps for certain instruments but are fortunate enough to have a pristine, reconditioned 40 channel DDA console with premium preamps and EQ which sound incredible with any sound source.   A nice selection of both digital plug-in effects and analog outboard effects are available to create any sound you need.


We have just added custom designed, built-in, large field monitors using JBL professional series drivers in our mastering room, and the room has been tuned to perfection by a prominent local engineer.


Anything we do not have on hand can be sourced, if critical. We will also make room for anything you want to bring including consoles, monitors, instruments, and any other outboard gear.

Mixing Console






Mason and Hamlin Piano

Hammond Organ

colorsound Gear List:

3 in house monitor choices:

Event 20/20’s (main near-fields)

Mackie 824’s

JBL pro (far/mid-field monitors - custom build




DBX cross-overs

DBX maximizer

Yamaha digital EQ (4)

Yamaha stereo compressor

Aphex aural exciter

Aphex compressor

Symetrix compressor/limiter

Rane 5 band parametric eq (2)

Rane 3 band parametric eq (2)

TC Electronics reverb

Lexicon reverb

Digitech reverb/effects

Joe Meek preamp channel

Focusrite preamp channel

Berhinger digital compressor

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SWR Studio 200 bass amp

Fender 400PS bass/gtr amp

Fender Princeton

Marshall Dual Super Lead

Marshall Triple Super Lead

Mesa/Boogie Roadster

1960’s Sherwood w/EL84’s

Tubeworks guitar preamp


Suzuki acoustic

Epiphone acoustic/electric

Gibson SG

Gibson Les Paul

Fender Stratocaster standard bridge

Fender Stratocaster Floyd Rose

Custom Telecaster

Chandler super-strat w/midi pickup

Fender Jazz Bass

Custom Precision Bass

Ibanez Art-core jazz arch-top

May Bell tenor banjo

Conqueror Mandolin




Marshall 1960A 412

Marshall 1960B 412

Krossroads (Kustom)  412 w/Celestion lead 70’s

Jensen  1 x 15” (2)

ElectroVoice 1 x 15” (2)

Kustom 2 x15” (w/EMI 15’s)

Ristrom 9 x 8” custom gtr cabinet

Ristrom 4 x 8” custom gtr cabinet

Ristrom 4 x 10” gtr cabinet (vintage Vox 10’s)

ElectroVoice 2 x 12”

Fender 4 x 10 bass cabinet

Peavey 1 x 18” (2)

QSC 3 way PA w/Yamaha fold-back monitors


Over 50 microphones:

Shure SM7

Shure 57 (4+)

Shure 58 (4)

Shure Beta 52

Shure Beta 91 Boundary mic

Rode NT5 matched pair

Rode NT1

Rode K2  tube condensor

Sennheiser E815S (3)

Audio-Technica M4000S (2)

MXL small diaphragm condenser (2)

MXL large diaphragm condenser

MXL ribbon



TC Electronics Ditto

Electro-Harmonix Q-Balls

DOD phaser

DOD overdrive

ProCo Rat Fuzz

Electro-Harmonix delay

Pearl distortion

Vintage original Cry-baby Wah

Vintage 60’s Colorsound Wah

Many others……..


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