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Matt Ristrom is experienced in almost every type of audio recording and production, including radio jingles, voice over work, audio conversions, and full album production from track recording to final mixing and mastering for compact disc and radio.   He has worked with bands, churches, musicians, and singer - songwriters performing tracking, mixing and mastering services for clients in Kansas City, Minneapolis, and California.


Colorsound is well suited to recording any performance with a live room large enough to capture a choir, band, or small orchestra. We also cater to anything your electronic music requires. And our specialized mixing and mastering room allows you to hear your music with full, honest clarity during production.


Our goal is to create an atmosphere that is less clinical than the typical studio, so you feel relaxed and at home. Recording should be a magical and uplifting creative experience with anxiety left at the door.

Sharon Gearin – Audio Restoration

Mamma Jazz – Radio Jingle

New Life Pentecostal Church – Choir, Gospel

Sub-cycle – Alternative, Hard Rock

Butt Monkeys – Funk

Asleep at the Wheel – Christian Rock

Grande Central – Rock

BMW Band – Jazz

Joel Bohlin - Recording Engineer

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Reuben Ristrom – Jazz Guitar

Dan Ristrom – Funk, Jazz, Pop

8 – Jazz Quintet

Robot Monkey Madman – Hard Rock, Alternative

ADA medical association – Audio Conversion

Ascension Catholic Church – Choir, Bells

Magnetic Tape – Alternative

Mike Walker – Voice Over

Dylan Hoffman – Audio Restoration


Album cover for The Unknown - Live @ The Bottleneck 1991.  Matt Ristrom - Colorsound Recording Studio was guitarist  and mastered the album. 
Album cover for Reuben Ristrom Solo Guitar - Sunday Afternoon mastered by Matt Ristrom of Colorsound Recording Studio. Album cover for Dan Ristrom's "Me & Pops" mastered by Matt Ristrom of Colorsound Recording Studio.

More to come, check back often ...

Album cover for Matt Ristrom's Electrophonic album recorded and mastered at Colorsound Recording Studio.
Album cover for Advent Vespers - Discovering Peace in our daily lives mastered by Matt Ristrom of Colorsound Recording Studio in 2006.

Subcycle - King of Creosote


8 - Jazz Quintet

BMW Band - Kansas City Jazz Band

Magnetic Tape - Get Down Syndrome

Creation room for musicians and artists