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Obviously every client and project is different and we cater to that. But we do strive to follow a simple rule of thumb: the best result will always be achieved by getting the best recording of the best performance of the best song. We try to avoid “fixing it in the mix” and instead leave the mixing and mastering process as a method of sweetening an already fantastic recording. We have pitch correction, drum replacement software, etc. We prefer not to use them unless absolutely necessary.


Our DDA console with 40 channels and an extensive center section allow monitoring straight from the board to provide extremely rich mixes for the performer. It also allows us to do large multichannel analog mixes during the mixing and mastering process which provides a massive improvement in soundstage and imaging over mixing inside the computer.


We have several levels of quality to cater to your budget. If you are a small local band and need a cheap demo – we can do that for you provided you have learned and rehearsed the music prior to arriving at the studio. If you have created a masterpiece and want to record it at the absolute highest level possible we will bend over backwards to capture and produce it with you. In most cases we can provide a short 4-8 song demo for you on a budget starting around $300. Rates for recording, mixing and mastering range from $25 - $50 per hour depending on date, time, and engineer.

Matt Ristrom of Colorsound Recording Studio setting up drums in an isolation room for a recording project.
Matt Ristrom of Colorsound Recording Studio working on mixing and mastering project.
Matt Ristrom of Colorsound Recording Studio working with vocalists on a recording project.

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