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Creation room for musicians and artists

Please contact us to set up a rate specific for your individual project, and to place a deposit to book your studio time.

Demo package: starting at $300


Price includes up to 4 hours in studio including set up time and 4 hours of mixing including rendering time.


Recording/mixing/mastering with Matt Ristrom as engineer:

Starting at $50 per hour.


This rate includes everything on the property including the full instrument and amplifier collection. We produce and back up your session on Glyph hard drives until the project is complete.

recording / mixing / mastering

Facility charge: starting at $25 per hour


Price includes full use of the building, recording PC, DDA console and all outboard gear and plug in software. With this rate you provide your own engineer and hard drives.

facility charge

Have questions or are ready to book a session?  Call us at 913-669-5169  or email

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